Unpleasant odors are never welcome

the air purifier can be placed in a vehicle, home, office, gym locker or anywhere odors can be a problem

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Make your home breathe

More clean air

Filter lasts for 500 hours and it's so easy to clean or replace

Air Re-Fresher Odor

Removes bad smells like cigarette smoke, wet dog, workout gear and more

USB output

Just plug it in anywhere

5V 1000mA

Happy customers

I like that it works! My cars previous owner had dogs and I'm allergic to dogs. It would make me sick every time I drove the car and we won't even get to the smell (I can smell it a million miles away, I think it's due to the allergies).

I got this before it became a top item or whatever and I can see why it is. It takes all the smells away.

It may be weird at first to have no smells at all, but I'd rather have that than get into the car, get itchy, be bothered with smells, and generally suffer in the car.
P.s. I have a small SUV/truck type of car with a third row, so it doesn't have to be a compact car to work

The car air purifier is really work. Everytime I smoke in the car, I would have it work. It will remove the cigarette smoke within minutes. It smells like that you never smoke in car.

By the way, it fits the cup holder perfectly, won't fall down when driving. And very easy to use, simply press the button when you need to refresh the air. No need to change the filter, as it generate the ions to purify the air. Almost no noise heard when use it.

I will defninetly recommend it to you all.

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